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Chersti Nieveen is mentioned in the acknowledgements of:

  • MISTBORN by Brandon Sanderson
  • SHUTTER by Courtney Alameda
  • RUINS by Dan Wells
  • TIMESTORM by Julie Cross
  • PIECES OF JADE by Lani Woodland
  • and more!

“Chersti’s edits always help me see the deeper changes that will shape my story into the one I’ve been trying to tell all along. Her experience with sci-fi and fantasy is a huge bonus, as she helps point out how I can use (and subvert!) tropes more effectively. And as a bit more icing on the cake, her line editing is always so precise!”



Shallee McArthur

“Hiring Chersti to be my editor was the best decision I made in regards to my novel. Working with her as my editor pushed me to strengthen and stretch me as a writer. With her guidance, I cleared some of the muddied plot lines and gave my heroine a more defined purpose. She was more than an editor. Chersti was a cheerleader, mentor, editor, advertising team and coach all rolled into one. When I compare the draft I sent her and the final draft, I’m amazed at the difference.  She helped with everything from the cover design to formatting and marketing. I highly recommend her.”



Lani Woodland

Let me begin by saying that Chersti was the most expensive quote I received when I posted my project requesting an editorial assessment for a 250k word fantasy novel. With that being said, now that I have received back all of her notes, I couldn’t be happier and wish I could have offered her more money. Believe me when I say worth every penny, and then some! Not only did she deliver well thought out constructive criticism in a very articulate way, but she also provided several resources that will undoubtedly help me improve my craft. My story has jumped leaps and bounds through Chersti’s help and I plan to work with her on all of my projects moving forward. If you want to become a better writer while receiving top notch critiquing, Chersti should not be one you overlook. 6 stars. Yes, six.

  Tim Facciola, June 5, 2017

“Working with Chersti was absolutely great. She was very professional, very thorough, very thoughtful, very author-friendly, and just very good — everything you’d want in a professional copy-editor/proofreader. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make their manuscript the very best it can be.”

  David Jeffrey, March 27, 2017

“Getting my books out to the public is a huge dream, and it isn’t something I can do alone. The sample edit I got from Chersti was thorough, but it was her ability to incorporate the intricacies of grammatical style into my intent, line by line and word by word, that let me know she was the editor I have been looking for to handle my work going forward. The full edit had just as much care as the first few sample pages. She pointed out my errors, explained why they were wrong, and provided resources for more information. It was clear that her intent wasn’t just to get through the edits, but to make me a better writer too.
Trying to turn the fantasy of being a writer into a reality means living with a substantial amount of self-imposed pressure, but knowing that my words are going to land in Chersti’s hands relieves stress in a way that leaves room for the fun moments of progress.”

  Kara Timmins, May 2, 2017

“Chersti immediately understood what was needed to do to make my manuscript something worthed reading and (hopefully) publishing. We are still working on this project so this is a review that I will probably re write in a more complete form, but so far I loved her way of communicating and analyzing the book that I am writing and the patience that she had with me. I would definitely recommend her!”

  Julie Maggi, May 15, 2017

“Blown away by the insightful and extremely thorough (not to mention ridiculously fast!) query critique by @chersti Thank you! @WriterTherapy”

  Brandon Hoang

“Perhaps it is not in my best interest to be so upfront about how wonderful my experience with Chersti has been so far, but the truth ultimately comes out about all great things and so I suppose there’s no use in hiding this gem.

Chersti is incredible. She is thoughtful, patient, and a joy to speak with. It’s hard to put into words how highly I value what she brings to the table. First of all, it is clear that she dove into my project and gave it her full attention without taking any shortcuts. The proof is in the quality of her insights. Her feedback about my characters, my world, and the structure of my story were nuanced and spot on. She picked up on details and had opinions about specifics that other editors completely overlooked. On top of this, since I was interested in exploring a traditional publishing route, she was also able to offer wisdom about how to turn the story into an actual “deliverable” — how to think about and tailor it to a fitting audience. She has given me a clear path to start moving forward again and I could not be more excited to continue working with her.”

  Sean Sun, June 5, 2017

I enjoyed working with Chersti. She was responsive to my questions and offered great tips and ideas on how to improve my writing.

  M. Kari Barr, March 2, 2017