Editing Services

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Author Consultations

You decide how to use the time: I can answer any questions regarding the writing world, your career, specific writing techniques, ect, or I can give you one of my in-depth lectures on a specific subject. Consultations are scheduled in 1 hour time slots, either in person, or via phone or skype.

Ghost Writing

If you feel like you need someone to elevate the level of your writing and help clarify your pose, I will revise your manuscript draft so it is finalized for publication. Please note: I only work with an original draft that has already been written; I do not produce an original draft myself.


Copy-editing focuses on correcting flaws on a technical level and make sure the writing on the page meets industry standards according to the Chicago Manual of Style. It focuses on improving clarity, coherency, consistency, and correctness: specifically spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. In-line notes will question details, point out ambiguous or factually incorrect statements and internal inconsistencies, redundancies or inaccuracies in your plot, setting, and character traits. This is the final edit you should have before you publish your book.

Line Edit

Line editing focuses on the creative content, writing style, and languages use at the sentence and paragraph level, focusing on the way you use language to communicate your story to the reader. Is your language clear, fluid, and pleasing to read? Does it convey a sense of emotion and tone? Is your author voice consistent or does it need to be brought out more? Are you using clichés? Attention will be brought to dialogue or paragraphs that can be tightened, redundancies, extraneous or overused words, scenes where the action is confusing or the author’s meaning is unclear, bad transitions between scenes, unnatural phrasing, confusing narrative digressions, and more. While copy-editing is part of this edit, the overall edit is intended to train you to be a better writer and give you the tools you can use in future projects.

Submission and Pitching

Query Critique

In-line notes + handouts applicable to writing a query and query submission. Includes 1 free critique of the revised query letter.

Synopsis Critique

Feedback on your short synopsis (1 page) and long synopsis (3-4 pages).

Three Pitch Critique

Feedback on your 140-character twitter pitch, your elevator (verbal) pitch, and your 2-3 paragraph query pitch.

Three Pitch Critique + Practice Session

Feedback on your 140-character twitter pitch, your elevator (verbal) pitch, and your 2-3 paragraph query pitch + 30-minute in person consultation to help prepare you for an agent or editor pitch session.

Submissions Package

Feedback on your query letter, synopsis (1-3 pages, single spaced), and first 10 pages (standard manuscript format) with in-text comments as well as a letter.

Substantive Edit

Detailed Outline or Book Proposal Critique

Feedback on the overall structure and plot of your book, with in-text comments as well as an in-depth letter detailing strengths and weakness as well as suggestions to help bring out the best in your manuscript. The book can be completed, in development, or just an idea. Limit 40 pages, single spaced. If you remain under page limit, you can also add in-depth character bios for analysis.

Editorial Assessment

General feedback on overall plot. A Reader Report is what an editorial assistant, assigned to weed through the slush pile of manuscripts submitted to an editing house for publication, will put together. The assistant reads and evaluates the manuscript, writing a letter for the editor to show the merit of a manuscript, as well as what needs work overall. The Reader Report is around 2-3 pages and will give an outside view of any strengths and weaknesses of the writing and manuscript.

Think of it like a blogger’s book review, with at least 3 pages of in-depth feedback.

Developmental Edit

A substantive edit letter (at least 3 pages long) + in-line notes + 1 hour in-person consultation, or via phone or skype + any applicable handouts on writing techniques. For fiction: An evaluation of your full manuscript with editorial comments on plot, prose, pacing, and characterization. For non-fiction: An evaluation of your manuscript with editorial comments on outline, prose, narrative structure and fact-checking (where applicable).

Marketing Consultations

Online Profile Evaluation

Feedback on your bio, various online profiles/interactions, and overall online presence and presentation, with a detailed report on strengths and weakness with overall suggestions for improvement.

Marketing Plan Review Consultation

A one-hour conversation (in person, via phone or skype) to evaluate your marketing plan.

Guidelines for writing a marketing plan will be emailed. It is your responsibility to write up the plan and email it to me. Once I have received the plan I will send an invoice and schedule a time for our consultation.

Book Trailer Consultation

One 60-minute consultation where you will leave with at least one complete Do-It-Yourself plan to create a book trailer. I will briefly review the outline or synopsis of your book and assess your skills to ascertain how you can produce your own book trailer within your budget.