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Whether you dream about becoming the next great self-published Indie author or you are pursuing the Traditionally Published agent/publisher route, a good edit of your manuscript will do so much more than just make your book ready for the publishing world–a good edit will help you grow into a better writer. Here at Writer Therapy, we like to think of the editing process as a highly personalized one-on-one training session where your manuscript is our tool to teach. Through our editing process you hone the skills necessary to every author.

We go above other critique or freelance editing services by offering handouts or directing you toward books or other learning outlets to help you develop your writing craft and the skills necessary for a successful career.

Our client list is selective, full of Indie- and Traditionally-published authors, most of which we work with over the course of their multi-book career.

Writer Therapy offers a full range of editing and publishing services:

  • Developmental Edit
  • Line Edit
  • Copy-edit
  • Submissions Package Preparation
  • Self-Publishing Book Layout
  • Cover Design
  • Editorial Assessment
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Book Trailers
  • and more!


Is Paying an Editor Worth It?

Well … it depends on what your career goals are. The publishing world is incredibly competitive, whether you take the indie or traditional route. A quality editor who gives your manuscript–and you–individualized attention is going to help your writing grow more significantly in one year than you can imagine, and all for about the same cost of flying and attending your average writing conference (or two). You will come to understand your strengths and weakness as an author, learn how to elevate your prose, and have a highly-polished manuscript completed at the end. You will learn new skills and tricks you will carry with you in the future.

And here’s the biggest secret: a really good edit can speed up your career. What might take you years and years to learn on your own (through doing online research, attending writing conferences, and writing several books) you are now taught through revising your manuscript. Especially if you are the edge of “almost there” when it comes to getting an agent or trying to stand out of the competitive Indie world of publishing.

So is it worth paying an editor? That’s all up to you.

How Much Should an Edit Cost?

Here’s a great article on the subject. Check it out! You can also check out the Editorial Freelance Industries Listed Rates here.

Service Writer Therapy

Per Word

Editorial Freelancers Industry Rates Amazon Createspace

Per Word

$0.015 $0.016-.011
Copyedit $0.021 $0.032-0.016 $0.016-0.021
Editor Assessment

(Manuscript Evaluation)

$0.019 $0.039-0.004
Copyedit + Proofread
$0.025 $0.24-0.04 $0.021-0.047
$0.04 $0.22-0.04 $0.047
Developmental + Line            + Copy-edit $0.06 $0.44-0.04

How Do I Select a Book Editor?

While there are standards rules to meet the industry’s publishing standard (The Chicago Manual of style for one), editing can be subjective. Just like all writers have a different style for writing, editors will have a different style for editing. Some are very hands on, others like to teach as they go, and some will just do a quick edit. Check out this article. I feel confident enough that after reading this article, you’ll want to come back and try out our free 5-page sample to get a feel for our editing style.